François Schubert (1808 - 1878)

François Schubert (originally Franz Anton Schubert, sometimes called “the younger” to distinguish him from his father) was born on 22nd July, 1808 in Dresden, where he studied the violin with his father (also named Franz Anton Schubert) and Antonio Rolla (1798–1837), and then later in Paris with Charles Philippe Lafont (1781–1839), a pupil of Kreutzer and Rode. Sometimes confused with the much more famous Vienna Franz Schubert, he adopted ‘François’ while in Paris, where he also became a friend of Chopin. A song entitled Mein Frieden, probably written by François Schubert, actually appeared in the Vienna Schubert ’s catalogue. François Schubert returned to Dresden in 1833 and spent the remainder of his career there. In 1861 he assumed leadership of the Dresden orchestra, replacing Karol Lipiński. Among his compositions are works based on opera tunes, études for violin, and other works featuring the violin. His most famous work is a set of short pieces entitled Bagatelles: 12 morceaux detachés pour Violon avec Accompagnement de Piano, Op. 13 (1856–1862). The ninth bagatelle is often anthologized in collections of short works for violin: L’Abeille or Die Biene (The Bee). He died in Dresden on 12th April, 1878.

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