Joseph Lanner (1801 - 1843)

It was as a violinist in the dance orchestra of Michael Pamer that Joseph Lanner struck up a relationship with the older Johann Strauss, who played the viola in Pamer’s band. Lanner left in 1818 to establish a trio, which was augmented by Strauss in 1819, subsequently expanded into a string quintet, and finally, in 1824, became a full dance orchestra. The popularity of the ensemble became such that Lanner was compelled to divide the orchestra; one group was led by Johann Strauss, who broke away to lead his own dance orchestra. Until his early death in 1843 Lanner continued to enjoy equal popularity with Strauss.

Dance Music

Credit must go to Lanner for his share in popularising the Viennese waltz. He also wrote galops, Ländler and other dances.