Karel Komzák II (1850 - 1905)

The name of the first Karel Komzák is known from his connection with Dvořák, who played the viola in his orchestra in Prague. The orchestra that Komzák conducted became the orchestra of the Czech Provisional Theatre, but in 1865 he left to take the position of bandmaster in the 11th Infantry Regiment of the Austro-Hungarian army, followed by further military appointments. He was a prolific composer of dance music.

His son played the violin in his father’s orchestra, later taking a position as a bandmaster that eventually took him to Vienna. He made a significant contribution, as a composer, to the repertoire of his orchestras, with dance music and popular medleys. His own son, the third of the dynasty, known as Karl Komzák, trained as a lawyer, but came into his own as a conductor and composer after his father’s death.

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