Alessandro Stradella (1639 - 1682)

Stradella occupies an important position in the Italian music of his time. He wrote works for Queen Christina of Sweden in Rome and also provided music for the Colonna family, although apparently retaining his independence. His colourful career led to enforced departure from Rome in 1677 and a short stay in Venice, which he left in some haste accompanied by the mistress of Alvise Contarini, a girl whom he had been employed to teach. Escaping from Contarini’s henchmen in Turin, he finally found his way to Genoa, where he seems to have remained.

Choral and Instrumental Music
Stradella wrote music in many genres: operas and other dramatic works, oratorios, church music, cantatas and arias. He is chiefly known, however, for the important part he played in the development of the concerto grosso, for cantatas and other vocal works, and for his sonatas for violin and continuo, trio sonatas and other works of this kind.

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