Joseph Labitzky (1802 - 1881)

Joseph Labitzky and his son August were famous Bohemian composers from Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic who, like the Strauss family, toured extensively but were always overshadowed by those great masters of the art. Amongst the countries that constantly featured in Joseph’s tours was England, and he wrote many pieces which related to the UK, such as the Bedford and Cambridge waltzes, the On the Thames polka schnell, the Erinnerung an London waltz, the Hyde Park gallop, the Londoner Saison waltz and this waltz, Albert, Op. 73, dedicated to Prince Albert, which includes an appropriately grand introduction. Musically, it is an original and well-constructed piece, and the waltz has been reconstructed by John Georgiadis from the only existing original handwritten parts in the Labitzky archives in the Czech Republic.

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