Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra

The Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Warsaw was founded in 1934 by Grzegorz Fitelberg.

The key principle of its programming was to reflect musical culture in all its dimensions – symphonic classics, stage music and the most recent works – and exchange with foreign broadcasters meant that the orchestra played a major role in the international promotion of Polish music.

The Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra was re-activated in 1945, following the Second World War, by violinist and conductor Stefan Rachoń.

In 2015 Michał Klauza was appointed artistic director, and the ensemble’s professional development and programming policy were largely determined by Polish Radio’s fundamental mission of presenting Polish music, which became the staple of its repertoire.

As in previous years, the orchestra has continued its tradition of giving concert performances of vocal-instrumental works by Polish composers.

For more information, visit www.polskieradio.pl.

Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Photo: Michał Zajączkowski