Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra

The ORF Symphony Orchestra was formed after the reorganization of the musical resources of Austrian Radio in 1969. The first conductor was the Yugoslav Milan Horvat, who succeeded in establishing an effective ensemble for the purposes of broadcasting. The young orchestra won success not only with concerts in the two traditional halls in Vienna, the Musikverein and the Konzerthaus, but also with invitations to festivals in Salzburg, Bregenz and the Styrian Autumn. Milan Horvat was succeeded in 1975 by the Finnish conductor Leif Segerstam. Other conductors included Ernest Bour, Bruno Maderna, Wolfgang Sawallisch, David Oistrakh, Vaclav Neumann, Carl Melles, Gerd Albrecht, Lamberto Gardelli, Michael Gielen, Christoph von Dohnányi, Charles Mackerras, Georges Pretre, Argeo Quadri, Jerzy Semkow, Lothar Zagrosek and others. The orchestra has developed a broader repertoire, ranging from pre-classical to twentieth-century music, with special attention on Austrian contemporary composers. Since 1996, when the orchestra celebrated its 30th birthday, it has been known as the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra (RSO-Wien).