Paul Ulanowsky

Ulanowsky was Austrian, and had been thoroughly trained in musicology, violin and viola and composition, as well as the piano. After playing piano and celesta with the Vienna Philharmonic for ten seasons, he went in 1935 to the United States as accompanist to his compatriot, the contralto Enid Szantho, and remained there. Two years later he met Lehmann, and their professional partnership turned out to be ideal. Ulanowsky memorised all the music and could easily transpose into any key (so long as she told him which one it was to be). He could also adjust to Lehmann's spontaneous rhythmic variations which depended on an almost telepathic sympathy between them. They had performed together so frequently during the year that when they came to make recordings, it was hardly necessary for them to make more than two 'takes' of any song.

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