Henri Duparc (1848 - 1933)

The French composer Henri Duparc wrote remarkably little music, leaving thirteen songs that nevertheless have some importance as part of French vocal repertoire. Although never a full-time student of music, Duparc took lessons from César Franck. He published his first five songs in 1868. His last surviving song was written in 1884. Thereafter, suffering from a nervous complaint, he gave up composition.

Vocal Music

The small number of songs by Duparc constitute an important and well enough known part of French mélodie repertoire. These include a setting of Baudelaire’s L’invitation au voyage, later orchestrated, as was La vie antérieure by the same poet. Duparc made orchestrations also of the accompaniments of Chanson triste, Au pays où se fait la guerre, Le manoir de Rosemonde, Phidylé and Testament.